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The Time For Straight-Lined Windstorms Is Done

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Ten Years! from Tom Whitaker on Vimeo.

Seriously though, it's been ten years since the Labor Day "derecho?" Every day it seems like something creeps into my life to make me feel old and this is surely today's lesson.

I was a junior living on South Campus at the time and I picked a helluva night to get completely blitzed, get into a shouting match over whether or not NASCAR qualified as a sport, accuse one of my friends of anti-Semitism for no discernible reason and then finish the evening dancing in the parking lot while 70+ MPH winds whirled around me. You know, Tuesdays...

I awoke to a monster headache and a tree branch in my windshield. But as anyone who was there at the time would know, that made me fairly lucky.

It slipped my mind that the Michigan game was also that week. I remember heading down to Darwin's (R.I.P.) to watch the game and enjoying what was, at the time, proof that this was destined to be a great Syracuse team. It couldn't have been easy to plan for the game back in Syracuse which makes that definitive win that much more impressive.

You've seen what Greg Robinson's staff comes up with after months of planning in normal weather, just imagine what horrors they'd unleash if they had to work under those conditions...