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This Weekend, Everything's Coming Up Dantley

Quite a past 24 hours for the Dantley family. Papa Adrian gets inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame (which is so classy Patrick Ewing showed up in shorts...). His son Cameron couldn't be there because he's got to prepare for his first-ever start for the Syracuse Orange today.

That's right,
Andrew Robinson has been benched and The Cam Dantley Era begins today.

Quite the shocker here. I know Andrew played poorly last weekend and it was rumored we might see Cam make an appearance but I wasn't expecting this. So what does it mean? The spread offense is officially here? Greg Robinson is desperate enough to bank of this to save the season? Is this actually Mitch Browning's doing? No idea, but Greg Robinson's comment on the situation certainly doesn't betray anything...obviously...
"I think Cam has had a very productive training camp," Robinson said. "He was very steady. That being said, I also feel like in Andrew's case, taking a step back can be very beneficial for him. He can pull out of the hesitation mode and get back into gear with the idea of self-correcting and working with his coach on specific fundamental things."
Robinson said he won't have a problem putting Andrew back in if the situation calls for it. But regardless, the gauntlet has been laid down. Syracuse isn't going to go down quietly, which is a nice change of pace. The "punt mentality" at the end of the Northwestern game goes least for a little while.

Let's see how it goes...