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Take Your Hat Off, It's Courage Day

It's Courage Day on Saturday for the SU-Pitt Game. Okay, I'll bite...
The Syracuse Eight Courage Award, established in 2006, is presented annually to a current or former student-athlete who has overcome a socially, economically or otherwise disadvantaged background or serious injury and has demonstrated uncommon bravery or highly principled behavior in the face of adversity... The University honored members of the 1970 football squad for their extraordinary courage and commitment by calling for the equal treatment of student-athletes and a diverse coaching staff. These men stood up for the principles of fairness and equality.
Fair enough. although I assume this award is being handed out to anyone who pays money to come to the game and root for Syracuse. That's courage.

Actually, it's going to Art Monk. Who's pretty good. And has had a very good year. So that's cool.

But we're talking about Courage Day here. And while an amazing career on and off the field working to better the world might be "courageous" to some, I'd like to offer up some true heroes. Think about what it must take to wake up one morning, stare your idol in the face and say "Not only am I gonna rock just as hard as you but I'm gonna try to look as much like you as possible while doing it in a dive bar no more than 30 miles from my studio apartment because I don't want to push my Vespa too hard."

That's right, ALMOSTFEST is back!!!
BILLY JOEL AND The BEATLES performing(almost) this Saturday before the SU/Pitt game on the SU Quad! It's TK's ALMOSTFEST with StormFront, the tribute to Billy Joel and The FabCats with their incredible salute to the Beatles! Free show starting at 10am on the SU Campus !
Does StormFront only do 80's Joel or are we talking full catalog?
The band, which is based in Albany, includes of six musicians who grew up loving and playing the music of Billy Joel.
Well I would hope so.

But I'm sure you know what my next questions is...where in the holy hell is MiniKiss?!?!? How do you hold an event like this and not have MiniKiss? I'm pretty sure state law requires that one tribute band be made up entirely of little people...I think I saw that somewhere. Sadly, a quick perusal of their "tour dates" shows that the Minis won't be anywhere near Syracuse this weekend. Fare thee well, boys,
if I do find myself in Bossier City, LA on Halloween, I will certainly look you up.