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Catching Up With Taj

What if Taj Smith hadn't gone pro? Would it have affected the way we run our offense this season? Would the ability to use the deep threat have been enough to open up the offense and turn the tide in the Akron game? Even the Northwestern one? Who knows.

We've followed Taj on his journey into the NFL and through Green Bay Packers camp. Although it didn't work out, Taj keeps on keepin' on. He recently worked out for the Jaguars and in an interview at the Northeastern game said he was going to be meeting with the Colts soon. Fingers crossed we hear some good news soon.

In the meantime, Taj posted a bunch of cool photos from his time in Green Bay on his Facebook page. Even if it was a short while, looks like he had some fun. Check out the full gallery if you have a login but I posted a couple of them below. Enjoy...