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Syracuse Will Beat Penn State, Mike Williams Will Return, Balance Will Come To The Force

The curse is dead. Rejoice!

TNIAAM reader and SU fan Bob Kalka returned from Russia in June with a set of mytroyshka dolls that bore striking resemblances to the actual Syracuse football team and it's current members. What seemed like a cute novelty item has since become a nightmare. Since the dolls hit American soil, almost every single one of those players has met an untimely exit from the team and or befallen some sort of ailment or issues.

Brandon Gilbeaux and Mike Williams, gone.
Taj Smith, gone pro.
Andrew Robinson, benched.
Arther Jones, referred to as Art by many people.

The time for talk was done and the time for doing was now. Bob, with the help of his family, have rid the world of these tiny, wooden menaces and restored honor and balance to the Syracuse football world. In doing this, he has ensured that Syracuse Football will immediately return to glory, Mike Williams will be reinstated, Andrew Robinson will re-emerge and throw five touchdowns and Art Jones will go back to being Arthur Jones.

Nevermind the fact that Voodoo culture believes that by burning cursed dolls you unleash the horrors within, Bob et al have done the right thing. Plus they still have that bitchin' Cuse guitar.

Sorry, people who have already predicted Penn State will win in order to win free bread, probably should have waited...