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Syracuse Community Supports Greg Robinson, Says Greg Robinson

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First of all, I love that this has become the go-to "Greg Robinson is on the Hot Seat" photo. I've seen it in about ten articles in the last two days. Could be worse I guess, they could be using this photo. Or this one. Or maybe this one. Look...there's a lot to choose from, okay?

So one headline in particular caught my eye. Robinson Still Has Orange Support. It's from the Norwich Bulletin, the number one source for all Syracuse sports news, and I was extremely confused since I hadn't heard about anyone putting support behind Robinson in recent days. Then I checked their was Greg Robinson:
"I talked to … a ton of those guys," Robinson said. "They all were very good, all of them. I’ve known Art (Monk) for a long time. We were together at the (New York) Jets when he was finishing his career. Floyd has been very, very supportive, and Donny McPherson. Jim Brown has been very good to me from the day I got here."
Well I guess if that's what those guys said, that's what they said. I'm sure if we asked Jim Brown about the situation he'd back up Greg's sentiments:
"Oh, it's terrible...I like the coach as a person but I think they're going to have to make a move. You can't let the program go so low."

That's from Dennis Dodd's article on the Syracuse situation, in which he also quite simply lays out an explanation as to why SU needs to make a move ASAP and get things moving in the opposite direction:

Syracuse is a program that never should be this bad. It was once an Eastern power mentioned in conversations to join the Big Ten or ACC. It wouldn't take much to get it back, either. The Big East is wide open for the moment with Rutgers winless, Pittsburgh struggling and preseason favorite West Virginia having just lost to Holtz and East Carolina.
Seriously, why did we have to chose right now to suck?