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Syracuse About To Get Quaided

Syracuse football is in dire straits. They need motivation. They need passion. They need excitement. And when I think of all of those things, I think of one man. A man who can lead us to the promised land of our destiny. A man who is so accomplished in life that it must be embarasing for him at parties and other social gatherings when his exploits are recounted.

He has swam with a killer shark and lived to tell the tale. He has been shrunken down to a tiny speck and injected into Martin Short only to emerged smiling, unlike so many others who have shared the same fate. He lived for years stranded on a desolate planet, forced to care for and raise the offspring of his sworn enemy (whom, to be fair, it should be noted be eventually befriended and care for very much through a series of valuable life lessons and Drac hymns). He has fought alongside a dragon that really really sounded like Sean Connery. And he has braved the elemental shifts of our planet in order to save his son from wolves loose in New York City.

He is Dennis Quaid. He is Legend. And
he will guide Syracuse to victory this weekend:
"Our honorary captains this week will be a unique group with Dennis Quaid and Rob Brown from the movie "The Express" and Floyd Little. They will come out for the coin toss and at halftime they will address the crowd.
Quaid of course portrays legendary Syracuse coach Ben Schwartzwalder in the film The Express. Interesting enough, that already makes him more qualified to coach Syracuse football than Greg Robinson. Is it a coincidence that Quaid is getting some first-hand experience this weekend? I think not. If things go poorly enough, he might be taking over full coaching duties by this time next week.