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SU Field Hockey So Powerful, Not Even Logo Infringement Can Stop Them

In all the hubbub about a losing football team, a lame duck coach and an era-inappropriate statue, I've completely missed the boat on the biggest story coming out of SU so far this year. Our field hockey team is better than your field hockey team. (Assuming your field hockey team isn't Wake Forest or Maryland).

The Syracuse Field Hockey Team is
the #3 team in all the land, sporting a 6-0 record. Showing what little I know about the many ins and outs of field hockey rankings, that includes a win over current #2 Maryland AT Maryland's own tournament. So...why are we behind them again? Does Maryland actually run the poll?

No SU Field Hockey Team has ever gone 7-0 but they will attempt to make history against #11 Louisville tomorrow at 2pm (Be there!). SU Field Hockey is feeling very good about itself right now. A little too good, if you ask me. I mean, how else can you explain their rampant disregard for intellectual property in their recent press release (PDF)?

I mean, I'm not crazy right? That versus is the
actual Versus Network logo. You can't just paint it orange and blue and say it's cool, guys!

We've had a bad enough week with corporate logos as it is...

H/T: Ryan K.