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Scoop Jar-done For The Year?

Scoop Jardine has had a lot of pains over the last year. He's had to deal with the pain of having one too many free cheesesteaks. He's had to deal with the pain of a very public sexual assault accusation. Two very large pains for sure. But they might be nothing compared to the pain in his leg that could keep him out for the entire 2008-2009 season.

C'mon, you didn't think we were gonna get to the start of the season without SOME sort of season-ending injury, did you?

Jardine apparently played most of last season with a stress fracture in his left leg. He played because, well, if he didn't, we might not have had enough guys able to play. Jardine very literally took one for the team all season long. He found out what the issue was right before the NIT match-up with UMass:
"It didn't make sense not to play," Jardine said. "I had played the whole year with the stress fracture. I wasn't going to make it any worse at that point. We were going to shut it down anyway. At the most, it was only going to be two or three more games."
The injury hasn't improved and so Jim Boeheim will likely be dropping the curtain on Jardine's season before it begins:
"He didn't get any better (since the end of the season), so he's not going to play for a while," Boeheim said. "He'll probably redshirt from what I can see. I want to see (the leg) get better."
The irony is of course that had last season gone as planned, Jardine might have redshirted anyway. But with Andy Rautins and Eric Devendorf both gone for the year, Jardine was called upon to play some valuable minutes for the Orange.

God, if you can hear me, you've made your point. Stop hurting SU basketball players. Thanks.