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Scalpers: Syracuse Football's True Victims

Can't you take pity on the guy who tries to sell you a $30 face value ticket for $60? Can you understand the plight of the shady guy on Marshall Street who tries to bundle two single tickets on opposite sides of the Dome as two seats next to each other before you notice? He's just a man. A tricky swindler of a man, but a man nonetheless.

You're suffering as a Syracuse football fan? Big deal. It's not like your financial well-being is dependent on the Orange performing well. But what if it was? How much would you hate Greg Robinson then?

Enter "Nakimo" and "Greg," two Syracuse ticket scalper extraordinaries. Scalping SU tickets has always been a profitable venture for them. Until now.


I bet "Greg" is watching this wishing he had a cooler fake name, like "Nakimo."

As for "Nakimo," even with the dwindling profit margin, the man was born to scalp.
"I don't think it's gonna happen, but I've just been coming here doing it so long I don't know what else to do on a Saturday afternoon."
"Nakimo," might I recommend Post-Standard Weekend Magazine? Chock-a-block with unique ideas to make each weekend in Syracuse a memorable one.