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  • Uh-oh, more SU coaching rumors. Avert your gaze!...Football Rumor Mill
  • Syracuse basketball is keeping up with the Joneses...OrangeHoops
  • Variety reviews The Express and finds it crowd-pleasing if not predicable...Variety
  • Sending some love to the
  • L is for Losing, as in the Syracuse kind, in this week's College Football Alphabetical...The Sporting Blog
  • Big East power rankings, SU still in last, natch...Brian Bennett
  • Greggers moves up to #4 on the Coaches Hot Seat...Coaches Hot Seat
  • UConn's QB is out six weeks...ESPN
  • You've met the Octonion, now I give you The Biquarterion...Panther Rants
  • UCLA has begun marketing home games to visiting fans. Maybe SU should follow suit...LA Times
Some SU-Penn State interviews and clips, cause you might as well...