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Re-Commence The Shenanigans

You know what we haven't had in a while? A really good game-related prank. The last one that even comes to mind the intrepid Cusians who stole the Michigan flag before the SU-Michigan game at The Big House. Maybe I'm just not aware of any chicanery since but you know we could really use some now. It might be the only reason to keep going to games pretty soon...

The SU-Penn State rivalry has been recalled in many fond ways this past week. One way that seems to have been somewhat under-appreciated until now...the fan-related mayhem that ensued:
...Syracuse fans painted the statue with orange paint that had to be removed by sand blasting. To this day, Penn State students guard the shrine before each homecoming game.
Penn State faithful did a little disturbing of the piece themselves, although they seemed to have gotten the whole thing backwards:
Paterno’s wife, Sue, and other coaches’ wives splashed orange paint on the limestone Nittany Lion shrine before the 1966 game to fire up students.
Um, pretty sure SU students were going to do that anyway, so...thanks. However the best prank of all wasn't officially a prank but it sure sounds like a scam to me...
There was controversy in 1958, according to newspaper accounts, when a Syracuse law school graduate and Syracuse resident named Robert W. VanLengen was part of an officiating crew that penalized Penn State eight times (one was declined) and called only one violation on Syracuse, with less than a minute remaining. Syracuse won, 14-6.

Of course, the dream died when Paterno et al. got greedy and Cuse balked at the idea of giving concessions to Penn State in terms of home scheduling. And so with it died the dreams of many pranks to come.

Cuse fans, now is your chance to make your forefathers proud. Penn State may best us on the field of battle this Saturday, but this is your opportunity to do something truly childish and immature that will echo through history. Seize the day! And whatever official Penn State items you can get your hands on!