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Pick A Winner?

Use Your Nose to Pick a Winner - Watch more free videos

Couple predictions coming in over the blogwire (I just made that up)...

Brian over at Orange44 thinks we'll win in a close one. (He's also got a podcast coming later today so check back)

The Three Idiots all agree that SU will get the win, but it won't be easy:

Boss - Cuse 38, NE 32
Champ - Cuse 28, NE 27
Russy - Cuse 34, NE 28

A 34-17 prediction in favor of SU came in from the Big East Report as well.

As for me? If there's ever a week to think positive, this is it. I agree that it won't be a cakewalk of any kind but I do believe the Orange push it over the edge for their first win of the season. A too-close-for-comfort halftime score will give way to a slow but steady Orange advantage in the 2nd half, culminating in a score that will look more impressive than it really should.

Syracuse 34, Northeastern 21

I'm very curious to get your thoughts on the game as well. Leave your predictions below. First one to honestly predict SU loses gets a deflated sense of self worth. And you have to send ME a $20 Panera Gift Card.