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The Penny Drops

Sure, you heard what the coaches, players, journalists, pundits, announcers and bloggers had to say about the SU-Akron game, but you hadn't heard the final word. That can come from only one man...Kenny Haas. And you will know Kenny's name is The Lord when he lays his vengeance upon thee...

Where is Kenny and what's behind the door with the Danger sign on it? K2P is the
Lost of Syracuse-related YouTube videos. Every episode gives us more questions than answers...

I just hope Kenny's threat to put his foot up the butt of people who park in handicapped spaces illegally and then break it off is metaphorical. I don't want to live in a world where Kenny doesn't have full use of all his limbs and faculties.

Do not take Kenny's threat to have Mr. Robinson "taken out and done something to ya that shouldn't be done cause it's barbaric" lightly. Then again, I'm pretty sure someone's already set that up for Greg, it's called the Penn State game this weekend.

And now, a very special treat for all of you K2P fans out there. I couldn't go another week without knowing exactly how I lived in a world with Kenny for so long without knowing him. Where did he come from and where does he get such wonderful toys? I spoke with owner and the director/producer of Kenny's 2 Pennies Jim Sinicropi for the answers...

First and foremost, what the hell is and how does Kenny tie into it?

JIM: is a web development and hosting company that I own in
Seneca Falls, NY. We serve over 350 clients of all sizes from throughout the Finger Lakes region and CNY. We've been in business since 1999. We also operate a very successful local portal website at that receives about 14,000 visits every day. The 'Kenny Show' was developed as featured content for that site.

You can learn more about our company here:

Ken Haas is a couple of years older than me and was in high school at Mynderse Academy in Seneca Falls at the same time as me in the late 80's. We never really hung out together back then but he was always a funny guy to talk to. He used to re-enact Bill Cosby bits and we thought that was pretty funny. I have always been friendly with him, as has my head tech. Occasionally we would have lunch with him downtown, purely for the entertainment value.

Over the past year, I have gone to a local bar to watch a couple of Syracuse games that weren't televised on cable. Once was an NIT game for the hoops team, the other was the Purdue-Syracuse game that aired on the
Big Ten network. Both times I was there, Kenny was there too, for the same reason, he wanted to watch the game. Ended up sitting with him to watch the games and really enjoyed his company. The guy is like an encyclopedia. Syracuse would run a play and Kenny would say, "That reminds me of the tackle Tim Green made on #23 Joe Blow of Maryland during the Cherry Bowl in 1983.

I realized this guy was pure gold. Not to mention that he has knowledge on EVERY subject you can throw at him. His specialties, however, are Syracuse hoops and football and
Buffalo Bills football. I asked him if he would be interested in doing a weekly video show and he said sure. He comes in once a week on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm sharp, is here for about 30 minutes recording his show, and then is gone 'til next Tuesday.

He is quite the unique individual. He can store and recall incredible amounts of information. He is one of the nicest people you will ever meet...I'm not exactly sure where he works but he does have a job as he is only available to record
on Tuesday afternoons. He absolutely loves coming into our office and hanging out before he records his show.

He also was amazed that bloggers like yourself picked up on it. He'll come in
on Tuesday and the first thing he'll say is, "I see that Troy Nunes site had some nice things to say about me".

We have gotten feedback from our users that has been wide-ranging. Some people love it. The people who know Kenny and went to school with him love it. Some people hate it. Some of the negative feedback have accused us of exploiting him. Some have said it's the dumbest thing they've ever seen. I personally watch each episode 4-5 times and sometimes, later at night by myself in front of the computer I just cry from laughing so hard.

Talk about the pre-production process for K2P. Is there a script or an outline or do you just turn on the camera and start going?

Basically, Kenny has a week to think about a topic or two he wants to feature. Sometimes, we get 2 shows out of one recording. It seems like now his shows will be focused on weekly Syracuse game recaps and Bills recaps. Once hoops season starts, I'm sure Kenny will have plenty to say there too.

As for the Quick Hits, Tuesdays at lunch I write down 5 or 6 topics and just read them too him live and he just talks off the top of his head.

Basically, no script, one webcam, and Kenny. Then we edit it all together. We are still getting our feet wet with this kind of thing. I'm pretty sure we'll invest in a video camera, microphone and some other equipment to get Kenny out and about, maybe even build him a small set. Man on the street interviews would be incredible. We recently moved into a new office space, you can see a portion of our office in the background of Kenny's videos. As part of the move I envision building a small production studio to easily create content like Kenny's show or video/audio content for our clients.

No offense to Kenny but one of the more fascinating parts of the videos are the people who walk by in the background, seemingly unaware that a man wearing a bright orange t-shirt is yelling into a camera about various unrelated topics. Who are these people?

These are some of our employees and that walking around is all scripted to give the appearance that we are seemingly unaware that a man wearing a bright orange t-shirt is yelling into a camera about various unrelated topics. Believe me, we are all very interested in what Kenny has to say. Kenny doesn't like us all sitting around watching him, makes him nervous. So we let him be while he is recording.

Will you be attending any Syracuse games this year?

I usually attend 2-3 football games a year and 5-8 hoops games. I used to go to every single game when I was a student and for several years after but as now with a wife, 3-year-old and another on the way, I'm lucky to get up there as much as I do.

I think Kenny makes it up to the Dome 2-3 times a year. I'll have to ask him.
(Ed. Note: I demand this to be filmed!)

Any chance we'll see K2P on location somewhere other than the "set?"

Absolutely in the plans.

Thanks Jim for taking the time and for bringing a little Kenny into our lives. I also posed some questions for the K-man himself, hopefully we'll get his responses shortly.