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Passing Fancy

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The Every Wednesday of the Football Season Magic HappyTime Contest for the chance to win a $20 Panera Gift Card continues. It's a very special week for Orange fans, there's a definite, possible, somewhat reasonable to think chance that we might win a football game this weekend. Let's not get cocky about it, but it's very possible. So to guess how much our opponent will beat us by would be silly (although I'd still be curious to see what you guys come up with).

Instead, let's try to guess something a little more chancy. If there's ever a week where the Syracuse offense is going to explode, it's this one. So will this be the week when the wide receivers not named Donte Davis finally break free from the cocoons they've been holed up in? This week's contest and for a chance to eat free bread all week is...


Doesn't matter who the QB is or who he throws to, I'm just looking for a team total. But we need a tie-breaker (as last week proved), so the tie-breaker is How Many Passing TDs will The Orange Have?

Leave your answers for both questions in the comments below and then wait til Saturday. In the meantime, dream of eating warm, flaky bread in your underwear.

You're in your underwear, not the bread. Unless your kinky (Looking at you, Cody).

Good luck and thanks as usal to Panera Bread and our generous benefactor at The Sport Hump.