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Northeastern Is The USC Of 1-AA, Apparently

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe we all are. Maybe Greg Robinson SHOULD be excited by Syracuse 9-point win over Northeastern last weekend. Maybe it was actually an amazing victory over a superior opponent the likes of which will be echoed through eternity. Maybe it wasn't a way-too-close win over a vastly inferior team after all.

I mean, how else do you explain what The Orange Squeeze uncovered? As recently as last week Syracuse was the #1 team in ESPN's Bottom Ten. After beating Northeastern? We're not even in it anymore (Hi Rutgers, teeheehee). Greg Robinson was #1 on the Coaches Hot Seat last week. This week? He's all the way down to #8!

Do these people not get ESPN? I'm sure the guy who writes for ESPN does. How are they all working under the impression that last week's win was anything but mildly troubling? That it was a win not to celebrated but to act as a harbinger for the horrors to come? That Syracuse could barely beat a mediocre 1-AA team and must now face a barrage of decent Big East opponents all ready to pounce?

Maybe everyone just felt really bad since Greg Robinson was getting piled on more than Carmen Luvana in a ten-person gangbang. The truth is that whatever goodwill was (somehow) created with last week's win is about to go bye-bye and you can expect to see Greggers rocket back to his rightful place. That's assuming he still has a job on Sunday.