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No Chattin' Allowed...

No chat today after all. I'm gonna go watch the game at my local watering hole (lame). But feel free to leave some comments below about the game, I'll check in afterwards.

So this whole Lloyd Carr thing...

Donnie Webb was less than pleased with the rumor that erupted yesterday. He asks how Gross could have been on campus with Carr when he's been in LA all week? He also slapped the Internets on the wrist for its insubordination.

Look, as far as I'm concerned, if Lloyd Carr is spotted on campus last week, spotted on campus this week and its backed up by multiple people, that needs to be discussed. Can that many people be seeing the wrong thing? It's not like Lloyd Carr was on everyone's brain so we all just started seeing him everywhere we went.

I'm pretty sure no one actually said Lloyd Carr was going to be the next coach. Hell, I don't even think anyone said he was interviewing. In fact, the point of all the posts about him was to ask the question of why he's here in the first place? No one knew.

Now if it ends up that there's a Lloyd Carr look-a-like running around or this is a hoax orchestrated by a mastermind hellbent on sullying Lloyd Carr's good name, well then we all lose. All Orange44 reported was what he heard from a source he must trust very much. And Axe said he was getting the scoop from multiple independent voices as well that he deemed trustworthy. At that point, it's a discussion topic.

Axe is reporting that a credible source in SU Athletics is saying there's no way Carr would be a candidate even if that were the case. Still doesn't explain the multiple sightings, but it's probably fair to say you can cross Lloyd off your short list.

See you post-game. G'Orange.