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Next Time Colin Cowherd Is In Town, Make Sure He Feels Welcome

Ah, Colin Cowherd. National ESPN radio host. Blog hater. General loudmouth. If you listen to Colin on a regular basis, you know that Colin does two things:
  • Repeats his point 27 times until you want to strangle him through your radio.
  • Makes grandiose, objectionable arguments and statements because that's what radio hosts are supposed to do, right?
Colin was asked his thoughts on the need for Syracuse to fire Greg Robinson during Tuesday's show and somehow, it turned into Colin unleashing some sort of weird pent-up anti-Syracuse rhetoric (91:20 mark):

"That place is a dumpster-fire. It should be noted, one of the least-attractive college campus in the country. Literally, if you put Syracuse in Afghanistan, I’d prefer to go there. It’s just not attractive. It just isn’t. Cold weather school. Very little football tradition. Ugly campus. Buildings look like women's' prisons."

Colin, we'd ALL prefer you go to Afghanistan. Syracuse satellite campus or not.

I mean, I'd take the time to refute almost all of those claims (He's right about one thing, the weather is cold) but that would infer that I take him seriously. Colin passed through SU last season as part of the announcing crew for one of our football games and I assume he spent a good 5 hours total in town to come up with this assessment. And anyone who's that certain Syracuse has "very little football tradition" doesn't have clue what they're talking about anyway.

So who knows, maybe Colin will return to SU someday soon for another game. When he does, I'm sure the good people of Syracuse will greet him with only the finest rotten meats and cheeses in all of Onondaga County.

H/T: The Indomitable Troy E.