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Nancy Cantor Doesn't Read

Huge article today from Donnie Webb on "The Gross Situation." For detractors, it spells out the football team's woes and how we got her. For supporters, it details all of the coaches he's hired, facilities he's built and opportunities he's created. It says a lot about how little those things matter though when at the end of the day he's still despised by most fans for the state of the football program.

Nancy Cantor was quick to defend her guy:
"We've got a great track record in a short period of time," Cantor said. "One of the things you look at as an executive is your track record. It's very clear Daryl has both the experience of being in a big-time program with high expectations and the expertise and talent - a nose for talent. He really does have a nose for talent.

"Things are not working out in football right now. The thing I really like is Daryl is very up front about that. Nobody is going around giving excuses."
Oh Nance, you might want to check this out...excuses out the wazoo.

There's one fascinating admission in there however from Gross himself. I'm not sure the timing of this quote but I have to assume it was made within the last couple days for this article.
"Sometimes when you have a coaching transition, there is a fallout with recruiting and those things aren't as stable as you want them to be. You know it takes a little while to grow properly. It takes a change in systems, all the dynamics were there that haven't clicked at all to the point we're not where we should be in year four. At the end of the day, it all falls on the athletic director."
Did Gross just take the blame for the football situation? A day after throwing his head coach completely under the bus? Or did he make that quite beforehand? Regardless, at least this time, he's aware of his responsibilities.

Read the whole article and get the full gist of it yourself. Yes its true that Gross has instituted some very positive things since his arrival. But it speaks volumes about the value placed on having a competitive football (and basketball) team here at Syracuse that he's so hated right now. You can build all of the practice facilities and build up all the women's programs you want but if our football team isn't going bowling on a regular basis, sorry, no one cares. So stop using it as a crutch.