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Mike Williams Isn't Done With Us Just Yet

It's been too long since we've heard anything on the Mike Williams front, hasn't it? Kicked out of school for allegedly cheating, Williams briefly re-invigorated SU fans with news that he would be returning ASAP to action for the Orange, only to be completely wrong. Then it was up to Mike to simply enroll at Onondaga Community College, take a couple classes, get his act together and we'd all be back together in '09. Only, he didn't. And we thought that was that.

However, according to Greg Robinson during his recent appearance on Syracuse Sidelines,
Williams is indeed going back to school and still plans to return to Syracuse in 2009. Robinson was vague on the exact school, saying that Williams will be attending college "up in Springfield."

A quick search of Springfield, NY concludes that unless Mike will be brushing up on the basics at Cherry Valley-Springfield High, he's most likely going to be attending nearby
Herkimer County Community College.

That, or Mike Williams will be attending
Springfield U.

Bless that Greg Robinson. He's doing so much for the next head coach of SU and he doesn't even know who it's going to be yet.