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Lee Corso Is Stealing Kenny Haas' Bit

So I'm still trying to track down the actual piece that College Gameday did this weekend on Syracuse football but the postmortem is online so we can take a look:

First of all, let's all thank Lee Corso's research assistant for putting together his thoughts for him. Was Lee even aware Syracuse still played football before this segment?

And shame on Lee for stealing the Kenny 2 Pennies tagline ("That's my story and I'm sticking to it.") Come to think of it, Lee kinda sounded like Kenny the entire time. I feel a FingerLakes1 lawsuit a-comin'.

Lee's "reasoning" for the demise of the program is also how you know someone doesn't know anything about SU football. Anyone who goes for the "On paper, Coach P was awesome" defense automatically loses. Yes, Coach P's record does look great on paper. But if you were actually watching, Lee, you'd know how deceiving that was.

Go back to sleep now.