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It's Always Gets Crazy Outside Gate N

Couple observations:

We miss the beginning but according to the YouTube description this is all over whether or not the fellow in the white hat (who I assume is a Penn State fan) cut in line in front of the sour-pussed gentleman (who seems to be an Orange fan).

:10 - Ah, the poor kid in the white T-shirt who clearly wants nothing to do with any of this. Sorry man, we still see you there even with your sunglasses on.

:28 - White T-shirt kid pats his Dad/Uncle/Special Friend on the shoulder, letting him know, well, I'm not quite sure what the shoulder pat means at that point.

:38 - "Hit me right here." I kinda wish he had.

:59 - Ladies, stop wearing Mardi Gras beads anywhere except Mardi Gras. If not for me, then for your own self-worth. Your father thanks you.