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Is That All There Is, Greg?

There is a chance, even if its a small one, that by the time you log back on to this website on Monday Greg Robinson will not be the head coach of Syracuse football.

Let's be real, the Orange's chances for winning are slim. There's a bye week immediately following the game. In fact, there's two bye weeks in the month of October. If you're going to fire Greg Robinson in-season, there is no better time to do it than this upcoming Sunday.

Brent Axe
seems to think it might be a good idea. And, assuming we lose to Pitt, so do I.

NOW, Greg Robinson could be officially fired this weekend but allowed to coach through the season. I don't really see the point in all of that but I guess that's what some programs do to maintain stability. We don't really have stability, and even if you think we do, we're only stable because we're walking on the ground floor. So I'm not quite sure what the harm would be in cutting Greg loose and starting fresh.

If this is the end, Greg, it's been nice knowing you. I mean that. I've said it before and I'll say it til the end of're a really nice guy. You're just not a very good head football coach. I'm sure you'll be've got friends in very high places. Who knows, maybe we'll see you staring back at us from across the sideline when we play USC in a couple years...I'm sure Pete Carroll would love to have you around (or maybe not).

I'd say more but I think the time for talk is done. And the only way to express how I feel about the situation is through song. More specifically, through YouTube-posted music videos. But which one is the right one for what I'm feeling?

I was working under the assumption that The Door's "The End" would do the trick:

Then I remembered I hate The Doors. So forget that. Seriously...they're horrible.

Then I came across a song called "This Is The End (For You My Friend)" by Anti-Flag, a band I know nothing about but always assumed would be much tougher-looking (and sounding) than they really are.

"Did he just say "For every television and print ad that rapes a woman of her confidence...?" Guess what, guy, no one with hair like that gets to be taken seriously, especially when throwing the world rape around haphazardly.

I kinda thought about going old school with some Peggy Lee and "Is That All There Is." The bonus was this video which includes a trippy house-burning sequence in the beginning that seems apt.

But in the end, no YouTube video I came across could possibly speak to the situation in Syracuse quite like the Smashing Pumpkins "The End Is The Beginning Is The End."

Batman & Robin clips, late 90's Alt music video imagery, a music video directed by Joel Schumacher, Billy Corgan doing...whatever the hell it is Billy Corgan is doing. It couldn't possibly be a bigger pile of disasters unless you actually inserted Syracuse highlights into it. Game. Set. Match.