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If Syracuse Plays Akron And No One Is In The Dome To See It, Does It Count?

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Lack of success on the field is something that Syracuse Athletics can deal with. But lack of butts in the seats for those football contests is something they can't. And they're about to find out just how low they can go. With fan apathy at possible all-time highs and the news that the game will be broadcast locally, just how many people will show up for the Akron game?
The Carrier Dome will have many empty seats on Saturday. SU AD Daryl Gross said about 90 percent of season ticket holders renewed, so maybe in the 31,500 range? Depends on what SU announces, but a guess is it'll be lower than that, especially if its on TV.
SU is (somehow) currently a 5-point favorite, down from 7 points when the line opened. How could a team that just lost 30-10 be so favored? Probably because their opponent just lost 38-17 and gave up a 200-yard game to one running back. SU's strategy should be clear.

The good news if you're someone who just wants to go enjoy a football game,
tickets are insanely cheap right now. I'm seeing lower-level sideline seats for under $30. Oh, to be a disgruntled SU season ticket holder...