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I See What You Did There, Wanny

I haven't followed Dave Wannstedt too closely over the years other than his affinity for not doing too well wherever he is. I had an inkling he wasn't too much of a smooth talker. Wasn't until I read the opening statement from his Monday press conference that I realized he's downright Robinsonesque:
"When you look at Syracuse, they had a nice win on Saturday."
The old "when you look at..." statement. That's right out of the Greg Robinson playbook. But I have a feeling Wanny lulled me into a false sense of security because his very next sentence is a masterstroke in backhanded complimentation (no way that's a word):
I think that if you look at their history and tradition up there and playing at the Carrier Dome, we’ll have a lot of work to do.
i.e...if you forget about how terrible they are now and how much of a cakewalk this is going to be and just focus on how good they used to be and how tough this game would have been in 1997, this is going to be a tough game.

Well played, David. Well played.