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I Feel A Little GROBitas Coming On...

I received an email earlier this week from Tim Emmert who had coined a new phrase for Syracuse fans:

GROBitas (rhymes with gravitas)
n. - the weighty knowledge that Syracuse will be losing yet another football game in the coming week.

I know this is the gimme game of the season but, ask yourself, is a little GROBitas starting to sink in? I bet it is...I bet it is...

We be chattin' here tomorrow so I'll either see you then or you can go do whatever stupid and probably gay thing you consider to be more important. Whatever.

If you will be in town for the SU-Northeastern game, might I suggest a few fun activies:
  • Take a picture of yourself next to Ernie Davis' swooshes before they're gone.
  • Start chanting Daaaaaaryl, Daaaaaaaryl, Daaaaaaaryl when you see DOC Gross in the Dome.
  • Try to out-do the guy next to you in brown paper bag headgear creativity.
  • Stop by as many of these establishments as you possibly can.
Naturally, if you do these or anything else of note, be sure to send me photographic or video proof.