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I Am Never Going To Russia

I love Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi Network. Mostly because of the awkward pre-scripted exchanged and fist bumps between Grant and Jason. But also because from time to time they do capture some freaky-ass stuff that you would be hard-pressed to dispute. They're always on the lookout for new places to explore and new ghost stories to try and debunk. I've decided that I'm going to tell Grant and Jason that they absolutely have to go to TNIAAM reader and Syracuse fan Bob Kalka's house to determine once and for all whether or not the Syracuse Orange-themed Russian matryoshka dolls are cursed, haunted and/or both.

To recap, reader Bob emailed me to tell me that just before the season he was in Russia and. much to his surprise, came across a set of Syracuse-painted figurines. What more, the players represented on the dolls were extremely up-to-date and actual. They were #91 Brandon Gilbeaux, #9 Andrew Robinson, #1 Mike Williams, #4 Taj Smith* and #97 Arthur Jones.

As any Syracuse fan can tell you, things haven't worked out so well for all of these guy...

Brandon Gilbeaux,
suspended and left the program.

Andrew Robinson,

Mike Williams,
suspended and kicked out of school for cheating.

Taj Smith,
left school early to go pro, cut by Packers.

Arthur Jones, embarrassed in Big East media day lobster-eating contest.

There's an asterisk next to Taj because while he wore #4 while he was here, that number now belongs to someone else...starting quarterback Cameron Dantley. I think it goes without saying...Cam...CHANGE JERSEYS NOW!!!

People, stop denying it. This curse is real. I can't tell Bob what to do but if I were him I would burn the dolls in a ceremony this Friday to cleanse the world of this curse and to lift up the spirits of the Syracuse faithful before the Penn State game. I don't know where I'll be, but if those dolls are roasting in a bonfire somewhere...I'll know it...and I'll be happy.

Otherwise, Arthur Jones and Cam Dantley, wear as many knee braces as you can fit on both legs without losing the ability to run.