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How Much Would You Pay For Greg Robinson's Visage?

A company called Replay Photos is getting some pub for a partnership with Erin Andrews to sell their digitally restored sports photos from various colleges and programs. Syracuse is one of the schools listed so naturally I decided to peruse their gallery. I clicked on the "Best Sellers" link and guess who was staring back at me? Actually, to be specific, guess who was intently gazing into the middle distance in front of me? The Greggers, that's who.

Now how much would you pay for this 15x20 photo in a custom black frame? What's that you say...$5? Guess again. $8 and that's your final offer? I see. Well what if I told you that you could hang this photo on your living room wall tomorrow for the low, low price of $169.95?!?!?

If you haven't already, make your purchase now.

FYI, the name of the photo is "Greg Robinson Watches Intensely." What they don't mention is that the thing he's looking intensely for is his car, which he could have swore he parked right over here.