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How Low Can You Go?

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The Every Wednesday of the Football Season Magic HappyTime Contest is back!

Last week we asked you to guess the score of the SU-Northwestern game for the chance to win a $20 gift card to Panera Bread. We got a ton more entries than I expected so either I underestimated your zest for free baked dough or you guys are just real competitors. You really flashed last week, you really did. I feel it.

And so, for the 2nd EWotFSMHT Contest, let's keep it going as you...


Just say what you think the official attendance will be (remember, it will probably be slightly higher than the actual attendance, weird how that happens) and the closet person wins the $20 gift card. It's like guessing the number of jelly beans in a jar, except the jar is the Carrier Dome and the beans are disgruntled Syracuse fans who "didn't pay $200 to watch this shit!"

Get to it...and feel free to influence the number by attending the game yourself. If you dare...

Panera Bread, natch, and The Sport Hump