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The HFAW Index - Week 5

: Pittsburgh
Record: (2-1)
Last Week: W over Iowa 21-20
This Week: Us
How Fucked Are We?: Probably fucked after all. The Panthers seem to have at least got back on equal footing in time for us. They may not be primed to take on the big boys yet but they'll do just fine with us.

Team: West Virginia
Record: 1-2
Last Week: L to Colorado 14-17
This Week: Marshall
How Fucked Are We?: Probably in the same boat Marshall is in.Looking at West Virginia's record and feeling frisky for a second before remembering no matter how bad they are, we're worse.

Team: #12 South Florida
Record: 4-0
Last Week: W 17-9 FIU
This Week: NC State
How Fucked Are We?: Fuuuuuuuuuuucked. Matt Grothe is gonna use all his retard strength to break records that day.

Team: Louisville
Record: (2-1)
Last Week: W 38-29 over Kansas State
This Week: UConn
How Fucked Are We?: I think we're fucked. Much like the Panthers, they've righted their ship. And we haven't.

Team: Rutgers
Record: (0-3)
Last Week: L 21-23 Navy
This Week: Morgan State
How Fucked Are We?: Possibly not fucked at all. Rutgers, it's nice to have a brother in sucking again. We have so much to teach each other.

Team: UConn
Record: (4-0)
Last Week: W 31-28 Baylor
This Week: Louisville
How Fucked Are We?: Fuckarooed. UConn is going to win 10 games this year and there's nothing you or I can do to stop it from happening. Enjoy (?) the ride.

Team: Notre Dame
Record: (2-1_
Last Week: L 7-23
This Week: Purdue
How Fucked Are We?: Just fucked enough. They're still a mediocre team but that makes them ten times better than us.

Team: Cincinnati
Record: (2-1)
Last Week: W 45-20 Miami Ohio
This Week: Skron
How Fucked Are We?: Likely fucked. Cincy's death march through the state of Ohio continues this week. Once they've finished off the state, what chance do we stand?