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The HFAW Index - Week 4

The Quest-O-Meter is holding on for dear life as we find out just How Fucked Are We this week...

Team: Northeastern
Record: (0-2)
Last Week: L 24-31 Georgia Southern
This Week: @ Syracuse
How Fucked Are We?: As least fucked as we;re gonna be all season. If we win, the "we've turned a corner" rhetoric begins. If we lose, Greg Robinson is never seen again. I'm worried to know what most Syracuse fans would rather happen.

Team: Pittsburgh
Record: (1-1)
Last Week: W over Buffalo 27-16
This Week: Iowa (3-0)
How Fucked Are We?: Still possibly not too fucked. This week will be an interesting litmus test for where the Panthers are. God knows the Big East needs them to win this game but it's still a somewhat tall order.

Team: #21 West Virginia
Record: 1-2
Last Week: L to ECU 3-24
This Week: L to Colorado 14-17
How Fucked Are We?: Still probably pretty fucked but WTF? Has West Virginia University burned down yet? Is Bill Stewart's family still alive in a bunker somewhere? Heads will roll in Morgantown and they're probably gonna wanna beat us up to make themselves feel better.

Team: #12 South Florida
Record: 3-0
Last Week: W 37-34 iover Kansas
This Week: FIU (0-2)
How Fucked Are We?: Fairly fucked. USF is officially the class of the Big East and they're going to get a breather this weekend. Do not look forward to this one.

Team: Louisville
Record: (2-1)
Last Week: W 51-10 over Tennessee Tech
This Week: W 38-29 over Kansas State
How Fucked Are We?: Probably fucked. After that huge stumble in week 1 the Cardinals are beginning to find their stride. They should be peaking around the time we play them...

Team: Rutgers
Record: (0-2)
Last Week: L 12-44
This Week: Navy (1-2)
How Fucked Are We?: Possibly not fucked. Jesus, Rutgers, welcome back. Hope you enjoyed your time in the penthouse cause you were in and out of there in a flash. I'm semi-looking forward to this one now.

Team: UConn
Record: (3-0)
Last Week: W 45-10 Virginia
This Week: Baylor (2-1)
How Fucked Are We?: Likely fucked. God dammit, UConn is poised for another great year. Sonofabitch! And they'll be ranked after this week. God is dead.

Team: Notre Dame
Record: (2-0)
Last Week: W 35-17 Michigan
This Week: @ Michgian State (2-1)
How Fucked Are We?: Fucked. They might not even be as good as their record but we're not winning at South Bend. Sorry.

Team: Cincinnati
Record: (1-1)
Last Week: Bye
This Week: Miami (OH) (1-2)
How Fucked Are We?: Likely fucked. The Bearcats are reeling at the QB position but they're goos enough to rebound. They're still a 7-8 win team and one of those wins will be us.