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Harken To The Carefully Chosen Words Of Nancy Cantor!

At the end of the day, regardless of what DOCTOR Gross says, it's Nancy Cantor's call whether or not the hammer drops on Greg Robinson. So what does the queen bee of the Hill have to say about the current state of the program? Quite a lot actually, thanks to her communications director and a quick pow-wow with her PR agency...
"We are very serious as an institution, all of us, from our student athletes to our coaching staff, to our AD, to our senior leadership, to our trustees. We are all really serious about mounting a winning football program. We really care about this. Nobody cares more than our student athletes who worked so hard at this. So, we really want to go in that direction.

"Obviously, what we have so far is below expectations, below what we want. But we’re all going to move in that direction. We’re very serious about it and we have a lot ahead and we really want to make this work, we want to recover the great tradition of Syracuse.

"We have so many exciting this happening this week, in terms of 'The Express,' which really reminds us of what Syracuse has been and can be and will be again."
Had it not been carefully vetted, I imagine she could have just boiled this down into an impassioned Syracuse-version of Al Pacino's speech in City Hall:

"We will pick up the standard..and RAISE IT HIGH! CARRY IT FORWARD! UNTIL THIS FOOTBALL PROGRAM...YOUR FOOTBALL PROGRAM...OUR FOOTBALL PROGRAM...IS A PALACE AGAIN!!! (Jesus, when was the last time you thought of that movie? 199-ever?)

Yes, we shall all continue going in that direction so that we can move in that direction and we shall do it together. Watch the video of the interview here and pray that Fox News doesn't get interested in the story...for Nancy's sake.