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Lost in all the misery involving the architects of Syracuse football is the status of some of the actual players. Remember them? John Clayton over at the D.O. Sports Blog is on the case.

First up...Delone Carter. Playing against Pitt?
"I won’t know until Wednesday. I’m getting eased into practice this week," Carter said. "I’m not willing to risk going out there and tearing it and being out for the season."
Given Delone's injury track record...understood. Next...Averin Collier...redshirt?
"I haven’t made a call on that," Robinson said. "Averin is talented and he’s a gifted guy. I think he’s back to 100 percent, but we haven’t determined yet where we stand with a number of our freshmen yet. I think we could be playing some of them, but I don’t know if you really gain playing them right now."
My guess is that Collier doesn't end up redshirting as the Orange need him for insurance. They're one more RB injury away from him getting a sizable amount of snaps. And if there's anything Syracuse doesn't need at this point, it's trouble in the offensive backfield. Lord knows it's the one place we don't have to worry about right now.