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Gregisms 9/8

Showcasing the accidental wit and wisdom of Syracuse coach Greg Robinson.
So many to get to. Let's begin. From his Akron post-game press conference:
"We like to think we were prepared, but obviously we weren’t."
Funny, I was just thinking the same thing. Good thing neither of us is in charge of that.
"We have a lot of work ahead of us."
Well, some of us do Greg. I don't know about "we."
"If I knew that, I would’ve fixed it. I’m going to have to assess it right now and take a look."
Don't strain yourself, Greggers. We all know assessing isn't your strong point.
"I thought that for two and a half quarters last week, we played good defense."
Ah, you were coaching under the assumption that games last for two and a half quarters. Which is understandable since they used to play that way back in Never.
"I wish I could tell you what the answer is."
So do we, Greg. So do we.
"We played shabby."
Shabby? SHABBY? No, losing by 20 to West Virginia would be playing shabby. Losing by 14 to a MAC team at home is "sucking dirty balls." That's a technical term.
"All in all, I just think we have to get back at it. It’s all you can do."
And if any of us knew what that meant, we'd agree. Or disagree. Actually, yeah, I'm pretty sure we'd disagree.
"The players have to take accountability, as well, there’s no question. It’s those kinds of things that really put the dagger in you a little bit. You have a chance to stop it and you don’t. It starts to proliferate and it grows on you. The plays start to add up."
SU football players, please, lie down in the middle of this street. I hear a bus coming...
"It comes right down to coaching. And it comes right to me."
Possibly the most lucid, honest Gregism ever uttered. Shame it will be one of the last... From his Sunday press conference:
"If I spent a lot of time dwelling on it, it's terrible."
Tell us about it, Greg. It's all we do.
"I really have to be strong enough not to dwell on it right now."
I just imagine Greg sitting at the kitchen table with the Sunday Post-Standard in front of him squeezing his eyes shut and refusing to look at it while murmuring "can'"