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Gregisms 9/2

Showcasing the accidental wit and wisdom of Syracuse coach Greg Robinson.

Discussing the Northwestern game and what he learned from it:
"I believe as a whole - and I'm not going to even get into all the specifics - but I truly believe that there are so many ways this team can improve."
First of all Greg, we already know you're not going to even get into all the specifics. That's a given. Second of all, yes Greg, we believe there are SO MANY WAYS this can improve too. We have notes, if you're interested.
"Yes, we lost that football game to Northwestern on the road. To me, I term it a two-fer. Unfortunately we took a loss, and we took a loss on the road. But I think that experience of having to go on the road and play a tough football game and really, for the first 33 minutes of that game, played very well in a lot of ways; enough to have the lead. My point is, we get the opportunity now to come home and we need to make sure we take advantage of that."
I don't even know where to begin. Two-fer? What does that mean? You can't just throw out a new catchphrase and then not explain it. Damn you Robinson, you win this round.

Please, go back and read that paragraph again. What the hell does it mean??? It's like six different streams of thoughts crammed together into one jumbled, eye-crossing mess.
"I look on the defensive side of the ball, and we had a number of missed tackles...I equate a lot of that to possibly trying a little too hard."
Guys, please, whatever you do...don't try so hard. It's football...not astrophysics. Just chill, everybody...
"We have methods to teach them how to control themselves better ... their bodies better."
Sure you want to break those methods out now instead of waiting a little longer? Maybe wait until the season is over, that way you have all winter to take your time and really get it through to everyone. No rush, Greg.
"The one thing I will say is this - the one concern I didn't have was at the running back position...I thought we had productivity. If it isn't broken, why try and fix it? I say that to you without saying that we've made any decisions."
Awesome. To Greg's point, that idiom works inversely as well. If it ain't fixed, why fix it?

(AP Photo/Paul Beaty)