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Greggers, The End Is Nigh

My wife is English and she's taught me many wonderful new phrases and idioms. About 95% of them involve cursing (and 50% of those involve the word cunt). But there's one phrase that I particularly enjoy, which is "Bless Him."

Bless him (or her) can be used in a variety of instances. First, it can be used to describe someone who is doing something beyond his/her means. "Oh bless him, he's gonna go for it." It can also be used to deem someone cute or sweet. "Oh look how cut that old man is, bless him." Finally, it can be used to note someone who is a little slow and/or really has no idea what their doing but is at least trying. That's pretty much how I'd sum this clip up:

Bless him...

But seriously Greg. We're gonna wrap this up soon, okay? You've had some fun along the way, I think, but we're gonna go down to the UPS Store to buy some packing tape and boxes. We'll also start saving our newspapers for wrapping up all the awards and trophies that, we'll hold onto it regardless.

So seriously, you guys, is Greg Robinson gone yet or what? Don't ask DOCTOR Gross, he certainly would have no idea:
"I'm constantly evaluating," Gross said. "I mean, that's my job to evaluate constantly, constantly, constantly. I don't tell my people my inner workings. It's just not what we talk about.

"But, obviously, we don't sit idle. And I always like to feel like we're always evaluating, and we're fair people. And at the same time, we do whatever we need to do, because we want to have a great program."

In regards to making a decision on Robinson during the season, Gross said, "I have no comment on anything like that whatsoever."
Now, what's curious about that official comment is the news that Brent Axe seems to have dug up. Not only are the wheels in motion for the firing but you can pretty much expect it to happen sooner than anticipated:

Multiple spies close to the situation tell me that timing is the only issue left in the decision to remove Greg Robinson as coach.

Daryl Gross has made his mind up and the plan to move on is ready to be executed.

...The firing, or don't rule out a resignation, going down in season is a strong certainty at this point.

So that raises an interesting question...when do you do it? Do you fire him right now? Next week? After the next loss? Right before the last game of the season?

I'm with Axe in that there's no time like the present. However I think it you were going to fire Robinson post-Penn State, it would have happened already. So that's out. If we lose to Northeastern, obviously that's the deal-breaker. It would be more shameful if Robinson didn't resign after that.

But let's say we beat Northeastern, then what? You can't fire a guy after a win, can you?

If you ask me, all signs point to after the Pittsburgh game. There's a bye week immediately following the game. Assuming we lose, you couldn't pick a better time to do it. It gives the team two weeks to adjust to the interim system and you're not exactly going to have a lot of people up in arms over the firing of a guy who won 7-8 games over four seasons. Of course the interim coach gets no favors walking into a West Virginia/USF double-feature, but hey, it's not like anyone would be expecting him to win with this team anyway.

As for Axe's Terry Bowden Theory, well, I don't even want to think about that. Worrying about who SU will hire to replace Robinson is a whole 'nother headache in itself.