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Get Comfy With Notre Dame

Whenever DOCTOR Daryl Gross has something to say, Get Gross Out will be there. And GGO was paying attention this Saturday when the DOC was interviewed during the Akron game. Gross confirmed a couple of big non-conference series, one of which we were already sure was a done deal and one that we were waiting on the final word for:
While watching the halftime show during the Akron game today, there was an interview with Daryl Gross. During the interview, the question was posed to Daryl regarding scheduling rivalries since we are playing Penn State next week. He responded that we have a 10 game series scheduled with former Big East member Boston College. This isn't news to anyone. However, immediately following that Daryl also dropped the bomb that we have a series scheduled with Notre Dame.
So there you have it, it would seem to be official that we will play Notre Dame five times in our home-way-away-from-home, East Rutherford, NJ, over the next couple years. We first heard about it in June and it had been picking up steam all summer.

Thankfully, it doesn't seem like we'll be losing any home games over it. The deal ends the speculation that SU would just go ahead and build a floating stadium barge for all NYC-area home games and locks us in to a deal that Rutgers and UConn both apparently spurned. Nothing like being Notre Dame's third choice, it's like being East Carolina's second choice! It also gives DOC Gross exactly what he wants...access to New York City. Well, access to a stadium thirty miles outside of New York City...but hell, it's closer than playing this game in Albany every year.

Apparently this new stadium will have an outer skin that change colors depending on who's playing. Might be cool to see it lit up Orange but then again since it's not technically a home game and we're Syracuse and they're Notre Dame, it's more likely to be lit up gold. Great.

Ten year deals with Boston College and Notre Dame, eh? What's the unsaid reasoning behind all of this Catholic school scheduling? Are we preparing to convert as well? Syracuse Holy Institute of Testament (S.H.I.T.) has a nice ring to it.