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Filling Ryan Cahak's Mighty Shoes Is No Easy Task

Kevin Drew committed to Syracuse University in 2007 to play lacrosse. In high school lacrosse, Drew was an Under Armour and U.S. Lacrosse All-American while scoring 79 points (44g, 35a) as a senior. He's expected to contribute quickly for the Orange this season.

When he committed to the lacrosse team, he did so under the assumption that he would also have a shot to play for the basketball team. Drew, 6-2, was a four-year starting guard at John Jay-Cross River High. Turns out that Drew made good on his efforts and has officially made the basketball team as a walk-on.

Congrats go out to Kevin for what must certainly be a decision based solely on his on-the-court efforts and dedication and has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that his father, Bill, played basketball at Syracuse under Jim Boeheim from 1976-1978 and the two have remained friendly since.

Keep your nose clean, Kev. Don't invite up any shady cousins from Philadelphia, don't engage in promiscuous sex with multiple partners and if someone offers you a stolen credit card to pay off your phone bill, for God's sake just say no.