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Express Express Express Express

Right now, everyone in the Syracuse media is Dr. Evil and we're all his son Scott:

: What's going on with-
Cuse Media
: The Express!
: Right, but what about the state of the football prog-
Cuse Media
: Madonna had a hit with EXPRESS Yourself!.
: Madonna? What? I was just asking-
Cuse Media
: Why don't you go to the mall and shop at EXPRESS.
: I don't want to talk to you anymo-
Cuse Media
: Last night, I stayed at a Holiday Inn EXPRESS.

The Greatest Thing To Ever Happen is coming up this Friday and there's no shortage of storylines and news tidbits to tide you over until then.

You knew Bud Poliquin was saving his Ernie Davis piece for the right time and that time is now.
Ernie Davis was so much more than his formidable array of accomplishments at Syracuse University, for which he gained 2,386 yards and scored 35 touchdowns for three Orange varsities that went 26-5 and won the national championship in 1959. He was so much more than the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy (the truth of the matter being that he brought more honor to that award in 1961 than it gave to him).'s Listen Up is looking for Central New Yorkers who played a role, no matter how insignificant, in the filming of The Express for some upcoming pieces. So if that was you in the background of that one shot of Ernie Davis walking across the quad, let'm know...

The local media got a tour of the Landmark as it prepares to get Quaided. And if you took Landmark Executive Director Denise Fresina DiRienzo in your "who will be the first person to use the word "hoopla" in regards to the event" pool, you win!
"In this case, there is so much hoopla, from the street closing to bleachers being put in."
If you're still deciding whether or not to attend the big event, get ready to open up that wallet. Only $500 and $1,000 tickets are left. Louise Pascuzzi, who works at the Medicare office across the street from the Landmark, is probably not going to be one of those ticket purchasers:
"For the $1,000 price per ticket, I'd want to see Ernie Davis in person."
At this point, No you wouldn't.

But all of this excitement has to begin with something and the festivities truly begin today when "an orange stripe [is painted] on Salina Street near the Landmark Theatre." DOC Gross will be there...obviously. The man never misses a spray painting.