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Exclusive: First Look At Air Gross

You may have heard...we're getting our own plane. The price of a Dome Dog FINALLY makes sense...

Some other projects are out there that are moving from the wish stage to implementation stage. There is the conversion of Manley Field House to an indoor practice facility. Ribbon boards may be added to the Carrier Dome. They are those long, thin scoreboards that ring arenas and stadiums. And the athletic department may soon have its own jet. All funded by donors.

Reaction has been swift. Some giddy and some disturbed. The truth of the matter is, we need this. We only get three, maybe four football recruits a year. We need to be able to drop everything at a moment's notice and fly to Livingston, NJ to woo our two-star savior the moment the situation calls for it. Sorry Amtrak, call us when your trains fly.

From the sound of the article you'd think this was a plan still in its infancy but you'd be mistaken. Dumbly, jerkly mistaken. The plane is ready to go and TNIAAM has the exclusive first look at it. I humbly present to you the Syracuse University Air Gross One:

We got a really good deal, you guys.