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Don't Show This To Ben Mauk

In a stunning decision that's stunning only to the 28 people who didn't already know this was happening, Eric Devendorf has been granted an extra year of eligibility due to what it calls "hardship." Hardship? That's it? By that rationale, Josh Wright still have 14 years of eligibility remaining.

Devo tore his ACL in SU's 125-75 win over East Tennessee State last season and the injury left the Orange without any veteran leadership on the court through Big East play. While its debatable whether or not the team could have made the NCAA Tournament with Devo on the court, his absence is certainly a big reason why they didn't.

With his return, Devo brings experience, a helpful heaping of scoring and some serious attitude. I've always said Devo is our version of Jeremy Shockey. If he played for anyone else I'd hate his guts for his cockiness and abrasive attitude but since he's our guy I love him for his tenacity and leadership.

The Orange have been missing a lot with the absence of Devo and Andy Rautins, but if there's anything Eric's return ensures about all else, it's an abundance of homoerotic photography. And that's what it's really all about, isn't it?

Hey, it's also a good opportunity to remind you of last year's feed-bad movie of the holiday season. Pray for no sequels: