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Dantley or Robinson? Robinson or Dantley? Finkle Is Einhorn!

Dave Rahme wondered this morning who Greg Robinson would choose to start against Northeastern this Saturday? Andrew Robinson or Cam Dantley? Robinson made it clear by being unclear earlier in the week that he wasn't sold on Cam Dantley as his go-to guy yet.

During his press conference today, Greg made it abundantly clear that the leader of his football team is undoubtedly Cam Dantley...he's pretty sure...kinda.
"I think right now we're going to go with Cam."
Greg Robinson is nothing if not a man of convictions. And by "man of convictions" I mean he is not. At all.

What about Squire Andrew Robinson? Is he so much chopped liver?
"Andrew ... I'm glad that we got him in for a few plays the other day. I know he's prepared to be ready to go at any time."
Expect to see Andrew make it on the field at some point. Something tells me we're looking at a pseudo two-headed monster for at least a little while. In happier news, Delone Carter's injury is not as bad as feared and he will be questionable for Saturday's contest:
Robinson said the test showed the injury to be a strain. Asked if Carter will practice on Tuesday, Robinson said it had not been determined and "time will tell" if he plans on Saturday against Northeastern.

"It's not a tear," Robinson said.

Actually I'm not sure if Robinson was saying "it's not a tear" in regards to Delone's hamstring or in regards to the droplets of salty water running down his own cheek.