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  • "America still doesn’t understand Jim Brown."...Jason Whitlock
  • Averin Collier is talking smack with his brother on Pittsburgh. Oh boy...Donnie Webb
  • The Express is "a mash note to SU gridiron great Ernie Davis"...Syracuse New Times
  • Re-ranking the Big East receiving corps. SU still the worst...Brian Bennett
  • Mike Holmes' transition into SU's #1 corner has been a tough one...Daily Orange
  • Commence ogling Taylor Metcalfe, this week's SU Athletics Babe of the Week...Get Gross Out
  • The Melo Center will be finished by 2009. Really? Looked ready to go right now...Donna Ditota
  • Pitt fans wonder if the Syracuse game is a trap game. That's cute...Post-Gazette
  • Dave Wannstedt and Greg Robinson, much in common...Post-Gazette
West Virginia fans are starting to think Bill Stewart was a bad choice: