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  • "The Cardinals don't play a road game until Oct. 10 against Memphis, and don't play another BCS conference opponent on the road until Nov. 1 -- and that's Syracuse, which really doesn't count." - Pat Forde
  • A.J. Brown earned Big East Honor Roll for his 11-tackles and INT last
  • Greggers heads for the place he knows best...the bottom...The Sport Hump
  • Long Beach State will take on the SU BB team Saturday, Dec. 13, at 2pm in the Carrier Dome...Mike Waters
  • Louisville rated lower than Syracuse in latest Big East Power Rankings...Brian Bennett
  • Tanard Jackson is primed for a breakout season...ESPN
  • USF is ending it's rivalry with UCF for bigger and better things...Brian Bennett
Let's take a tour of Brewster Hall 4th floor, shall we?