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The Big East Would Like To Take A Mulligan

Sure our loss was bad, but at least it was to a BCS Conference team.

Not so much for Pittsburgh who did what we all pretty much knew they would do, shit the bed against an inferior opponent. The good news for Pitt fans is that they can get all of this misery and disappointment out of the way early and enjoy their winter. Don't cry for Dave Wannstedt though, he just got the public vote of confidence from his AD. Greg Robinson...not so.

Good thing Wannstedt got the vote of confidence from his AD cause he's certainly not getting it from his star RB:
"It would have been nice to get a touchdown but, you know, we follow the leader (Wannstedt)," McCoy said.
Oh Rutgers, how the not-really-as-mighty-as-people-like-to-remember have fallen. To be fair, this wasn't just some WAC team that beat Rutgers 24-7. This was a highly-regarded WAC Team that came across the country and beat the Knights in their house 24-7. Greg Schiano's double-checking the train schedules to University Park as we speak...

Bleed Scarlet is
taking it, um, well?
Outside of 2006, that’s what it’s been like to be a Rutgers fan in the Schiano era. A lot of excitement, and a lot of heartache. It’s hard at times. The only way to stave off reaching for a razor blade is to perform the mental flagellation of remembering 1996-2000. "We’re mediocre! That’s an improvement, right?"
And then there's Louisville. I spent all off-season wondering why the Cardinals were getting any kind of love from Big East voters. Looks like the disaster is far from over for Cardinals fans. Steve Kragthorpe is actually making Greg Robinson's status look stable.

And so,
looking at the standings, the Big East is now half 1-0 and half 0-1. Compare that to every other BCS conference where the bulk of teams are 1-0. Now maybe that's because they all played cupcakes and we all just played like cucpakes but its disconcerting to say the least. Everyone in the conference needs to be pulling for West Virginia and USF to go undefeated until they play each other in November, for the sake of the conference. I know that's a lot to ask of you, but it might be the only thing that'll stop people from starting up those "kick the Big East out" rants again. And we can't have that...

(AP Photo/Don Wright)