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Behind The Express

There were plenty of stories front and center on the TVs and in the papers last week all about The Express Premiere event. We saw everything that happened on the orange carpet. Everything that went down before, during and after the Penn State game. All the press conferences and all the PR photo ops.

But there's certain stories we didn't see. So many personalities and celebs in one place...what was going on behind the scenes? Two intrepid readers submitted their own stories from this past weekend. I leave them for you below. Enjoy.

I was up visiting my girlfriend this past weekend and decided to take her to Pascale's for dinner on Saturday night. By the time we were seated, we could tell the wait staff was pre-occupied with a private party taking place in the backroom. Although none of the staff would confirm it, we assumed from the car service Escalades and Navigators out front, it had to do with movie premier. Throughout the meal, we could hear other table banter about encounters in the bathroom with Hollywood execs and producers. It wasn't until the end of my meal that i saw none other then Dennis Quaid and Daryl Gross having a good laugh together towards the front of the restaurant. Wouldn't you think that after your football just got embarrassed, and I truly mean embarrassed by Penn St., Gross would have better things to do then rub elbows with the Hollywood bigwigs? Seems like he just wants to be the cool kid at the lunch table and could care less about the fate of the football team. - B.


...On Sunday I was flying back to NYC from Syracuse...the airport was empty and very quiet….while I was waiting for the flight to board I sat down to call my wife…and looked to my right while I was talking…10 feet away from me….Coach Boeheim and Coach Mac were relaxing and looked to be pleasantly reminiscing….no one else in the airport seemed to notice them…the picture isn't great but that's what you get when you take pictures with a phone…notice both of them with their arms over the back of the seats next to them…just kind of "front porch" relaxing. It was surreal…I imagined them talking about their late 80’s teams and how great things were back then… it brought back memories of Don Macpherson and Greg Monroe…Andre Hawkins and Scott Schwedes…good times - Ryan O.