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The Battle For 31

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If it hasn't already been beaten into your head this week, let it be known that Syracuse and Pitt have played each other 63 times and the series is deadlocked at 30-30-3.

Fun Fact...Every game has been played in each team's home stadium except two. In 1923, the two teams played in Yankee Stadium with the Orange hitting a three-run triple in the ninth to win 3-0. The 1965 contest played at Shea Stadium was less of a pitchers duel with the Orange winning 51-13. Might I suggest taking the next game in the series off-campus. Maybe the Bills wouldn't mind if we use their place next year?

Since we can't tie anymore, someone is going to take the series lead. Smart money seems to be on Pitt, winners of five of the last six meetings. Even though SU has crapped the bed the last few seasons, the Panthers always seem to have trouble putting us away. They only won by three last year, a year removed from only beating us by ten.

But what do the "experts" really think is gonna happen? Brian over at Orange44 doesn't offer a specific prediction per se, but he falls into the "hopeful for the best but ready for the worst" camp:
To those brave souls heading to the Salt City I salute you. I consider myself to be a fan that can stomach almost anything, after all I sat through the entirety of the Penn State massacre. But this, my good friends, is something that I cannot, in these troubled times, justify economically in any sort of cost benefit analysis. I wish the Orange good luck as always, but know in my heart of hearts, that it is simply another exercise in football futility.
Sad but true.

The Idiots chime in with some predictions, none of which are anywhere near as positive as last week's.

Boss: Pitt 38, SU 22
Champ: Pitt 31, SU 10
Russianator: 35, SU 16

The Idiots do however come through with a fantastic new addition to their T-shirt collection. No downtrodden Syracuse's fan's closet is complete without a Help Wanted shirt. Nice work, fellas. Copyright that shit!

As for me, I'll keep it simple. I answered some questions for Pitt Blather earlier today in our Q&A swap and if its not abundantly clear from the answers, I don't expect to win. I don't expect to play it as close as last year even. Maybe we show up for a little while, maybe Pitt slaps us in the mouth and never looks back. Not sure how it's gonna go, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna end up...

Pitt 31, SU 16 (Three FGs for Shadle!)

The good news is there will be a chat on the site tomorrow. The bad is that it won't start until after halftime. It's good really, it'll give you time to figure out how to put all that hatred into words. In the meantime, if you haven't made your guess for the free bread, do it.