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Backfield In Chaotic Motion

dWhen Delone Carter limped off the field in the first quarter of the Penn State game, Cuse Nation sighed a collective "here we go again." Seemingly recovered from the hip injury that kept him off the field last season, Carter was well on his way to being a highly-productive member of the SU offense (whatever that's worth), already averaging 6.6 yards a carry this season.

The good news? It's not his hip. The bad news? It's his hammy. Greg Robinson commented that
Carter will have an MRI today to examine the hamstring and otherwise there's nothing to report. Robinson also noted that the injury was "less sore" on Sunday, whatever that means.

Carter was missed on the field the rest of the day Saturday, although it's hard to believe he could have done much even if healthy. Curtis Brinkley only garnered 30 yards himself on 14 carries.

Halfback isn't the only position with some lingering questions in the backfield. Despite playing reasonably well, all things considered, Greggers isn't giving Cam Dantley the 100% sign-off for the Northeastern game. And so, a team with already too many distractions to name now officially has a quarterback controversy. Hooray!

Greg must know that this week's game is his best chance to get a win. And by not confirming that Cam Dantley is his QB he's basically put it out there that he doesn't have faith in him to seal the deal. That doesn't mean he has faith in Andrew Robinson either, but an admission of concern for the position nonetheless. Let's take a look at the stats to see if they tell us anything:

QB Rating:
26/52 (.50)


QB Rating: 66.6
: 14/31 (.45)
: 103
: 0
: 1

The stats obviously favor Dantley but he's also had the "luxury" of playing both of those games at home. Not to say Robinson say a hostile crowd in Northwestern. Basically, who's to say what the criteria is for who should start against Northeastern?
Hell, we may see a two-headed QB on Saturday. We're at the mercy of Greg Robinson's whims, and that's a scary thought.

(AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli)