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Appeal-ing Information 9/9

Every time updates it's Orange Appeal section, we take a closer look to determine what this random sampling really says about the SU athlete, and to a larger extent, society.
Who Would You Trade Places With For A Day?

Cam Dantley picks Tiger Woods...and Adrian Dantley softly weeps into his pillow.

Oh Hallie Morse, be careful what you wish for and always be specific. If this were an O. Henry story, you would get your wish, but you would be this guy.

Favorite Sport Besides The One You Play?

Cam, you just worry about football, m'kay? Jonny Flynn's got it covered.

What Celebrity Do People Say You Look Like?

Let's put it to the test:

Cam Dantley vs. The Game

Yeah, I guess. Gotta thug up though, Cam.

Hallie Morse vs. Fleur Delacour
aka Clémence Poésy

I can see it. Although if you'd like to see more, here's a little more of Fleur than you saw in the Harry Potter movie... (NSFW)

Erik Kreider vs. Larry Byrd (I don't know who Larry Byrd is, I think he might pitch for the Indians, but on a wild hunch I decided to grab a photo of Larry Bird)

Eh, I'm not really seeing it. I think Erik's actually more in common with Kirk Herbstreit. And if I had the choice being compared looks-wise to Larry Bird or Krik Herbstreit, I go Herbie every time.

Lynne Mundy vs. Eliza Thornberry

Before I did a search for Eliza Thornberry I wondered who the hell she was. I was worried it was some new popstar or the star of a CW drama that I had never heard of and would inherently make me feel old. So I got quite a chuckle when the photo came up. Well played, Lynne. But you have much better teeth...