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Appeal-ing Information 9/17

Every time updates it's Orange Appeal section, we take a closer look to determine what this random sampling really says about the SU athlete, and to a larger extent, society.

Best Sports Movie
I don't really care if The Express hasn't even come out yet or whether or not any of you have seen it, but from now on whenever someone asks you what your favorite sports movie is, you say The Express. So help me God if I hear otherwise...

Oh and Hansen, I really hope you're referring to the Burt Reynolds original and not the one with Adam Sandler.

Doug Hogue loves The Program? Maybe it's a good thing he didn't get the starting job at halfback. Otherwise this might have happened.

Favorite Meal
Dessert is not a meal, Mindy. And maybe if you were as concerned with eating a healthy, nutritious breakfast as you are with stuffing your face with Mallomars we wouldn't have to lost it is our volleyball has recently lost to.

Does Heather Hess enjoy her mother's meals or does she have multiple mothers? Is Heather Hess Mormon? Does she live on a compound and wear dowdy dresses? Can somebody please talk to Heather Hess? PLEASE???

Red Sox or Yankees?
Mindy, that's the single best answer anyone has ever given to one of these asinine questions.

Heather and Hansen, I would say the same for you but I'm not sure if your answers are in defiance of the question itself or if you're just both a little slow.